Cuban Cigars

Cuban cigars have a long reputation as the best cigars on the market and cigars’ smokers around the world have enjoyed and are enjoying it for decades except in the States where they are illegal! But why?sigari

The answer to this question dates back to February 1962 during the Cold War’s peak when

President John F. Kennedy established a commercial embargo against Cuba as a sanction against Castro’s communist regime. At that moment, Fidel Castro’s revolutionaries had just taken power and were considered a serious threat for the democracy; In fact in the same years, Castro allowed the Soviet Union to build nuclear missile bases on the island, able to hit United States’ heart.

At Uncle Sam’s eyes, any kind of trade with Cuba was equivalent to supporting communism – the most serious offense during the Cold War years.
Nowadays Cuban cigars are still illegal because of the commercial embargo established against Communist Cuba, and even though Communism is no longer a threat for the States and Fidel Castro is no longer in charge, the commercial embargo stands and there is no intention of revoking it.

In reality, the US government hates Fidel Castro so much that not only Americans are forbidden to smoke or import the cigars in the United States when purchased in Cuba, but the import and use of the same by American citizens is illegal in any Part of the world. (Ex if a US citizen comes to Italy and smokes a Cuban cigar can get a fine)

Penalties are:

  • Confiscation of cigars
  • Fines up to 55,000 USD for each violation
  • Criminal proceedings involving higher fines/imprisonment

Ultimately, if you are an American, be aware about the origin of your cigar!

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