First week, First adventures

Hi guys,
a lot of you are texting me, asking how the first days in the family went, how I am doing and so on
Here a short post to summarize everything.
The first part of the week I was at the training school, while on Thursday I met my host family and it was the most exciting day!
Friday I drove the kids to the summer camp with Li Shan (the other au pair) so that I could start learning the streets, and then I went to the bank with my host mom to open my American bank account. After lunch Li Shan and I picked up the kids and we went to a creek “near” the house with another au pair as well.
Dinner was around 6,00pm (I know, here they eat very early) and we went to the Japanese where they offered me dinner.foto 1 (3)
Saturday was another full day. Alarm rang early and I went to see Lily’s gymnastic competition, but first, Starbucks stop to get a hot chocolate. For the brunch my host dad made some amazing waffles, not like the one in Italy or at the training school!
In the afternoon I went with the other au pairs to my LCC’s house (that more than a house was a mansion) and between a walk and a slice of cheesecake, we talked about this and that.
The eveningfoto 2 (3) was full of events. I hang out with Li Shan and after meeting some of her friends in a very weird house, we went to a pub in a town close by. There we met other guys and later on her husband joined us. After some friendly conversations, we went to a students’ house, where, as if on purpose, they were playing “The Settlers of Catan”. At the end of the game and to end the night, we went to a place like the ones you see in the movies! It was a dirty looking diner on the edge of street with only Junk-food. It wasn’t attracting to me at all, but the others looked very satisfied of their late night meal.

Sunday I went with Li Shan, Allen (the husband), Suemi (the neighbor au pair)and the kids at Ricketts glen state park to see the waterfalls. They weren’t like Niagara falls, but they were equally pretty, plus the trails were large and clean and the water was cool. It was a really good trip.foto 3 (1)


So, as you probably understood, it was a very busy and amazing week! Everybody is nice and treats me well, so I’m really enjoying myself. Now I only have to get over my biggest fear, which is driving (and maybe understand when people talk to me). Everything else will work itself out…

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