Meeting my Host Family: A day full of emotions

Finally, after 5 long month and my first days at the training school, the fateful day arrived for me as well, and I met my host family in person!
Let’s start by saying that I wasn’t as anxious as I though. I mean, a little bit yes, but not too much!
At 2,00pm my host dad came to pick me up and when he saw me, he greeted me with a hug, luckily, because I didn’t know what to do or say…
Then we went to his giant car, we loaded all my luggage and then we left!
It was a 2,30hours drive and we talked about this and that. I’m glad he talked more than me, because I had some difficulties understanding everything and expressing myself. Anyway, from what I heard, I consider myself lucky because he has a good accent, not like other parts of America.

Once home, everybody welcomed me with a series of Hello, how are you? Nice to meet you, etc. The kids, super sweets, gave me two drawings with “welcome” written on them, that later I hanged in my room.foto 1 (2)
Lily started a sort of house’s tour that immediately ended in the playroom where we played for a while.
Later I gave them the welcome gifts, Lily seemed pretty happy, as well as Li Shan (their au pair), but I didn’t understand Sam. He seemed satisfied, but too busy to care much.
For dinner my host mom cooked an amazing dinner combined with a good glass of wine.
After dinner we went for ice-cream and I swear it was the biggest ice cream I ever had! Starting from the fact that the menu was incredibly long and obscure, I then had problems ordering it, but once I’ve got my ice cream, it was huge! In Italy I would have taken three days to eat it all!!

Once back home, I gave my host parents their welcome gifts that got much appreciated, and then they told me to go check my magnet board. So I went upstairs and after 5 sec I was reading the hung paper I had a sort of heart attack, like: OMG it can’t be true! So I ran downstairs and I said: I’m about to die! Can I give you a hug? I thank a lot both of them and then I called Mapu because I still couldn’t believe it!foto 2 (2)
What am I talking about?
Their welcome gift for me was my dream concert, Fall Out Boy!
To end the evening I read Lily a story, then the kids played with the Christmas’ stars and my host dad shoot some fireworks!

Well, the first day was amazing and they seem to be the host family I really wanted!

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