Impressions about my days at the training school

….How the first days at the training school are?
Let’s start from the fact that I wans’t jet legged even tho I had a really long travel, and then I was the only Italian, so I was forced to speak English.
The only thing annoyed me the most during this days is that people were speaking only their mother tongue, so I was understanding nothing and people were grouping together.foto 2 (1)
I have to say I was very lucky with my roommates: One was from Costa Rica and the other, even if Brazilian, wasn’t spending much time with her compatriots.
Therefore I had a good time and I had company during the tour, meals and in the rooms everything was fine!
As for the accomodation I believed the hotel was pretty clean and comfortable (and if I say so, according to the fact that I’m obsessed with these things) except for the fact that I’ve got the only room with a broke toilet… so my first call was asking the reception to fix it.

The food wasn’t as bad as I was expecting, they even had croissant like in Italian hotels! At lunch there was always a big buffet so I didn’t starve!

Classes were not like I thought. (I was expecting something Red-Cross style with lots of activities), but they weren’t boring either! So, even though there were moments in which I was falling asleep, the time flew by pretty fast.

Considering all the things, in my opinion the days at the training school deserve a 7,5!

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