A Journey to the Interior of the Earth

Finally here I am to tell you everything about the travel I’ve waited for a lifetime.
At 4am my alarm rang, I ran downstairs with the last few things, I closed my luggage and I squeezed my dog in one last hug… :’(
At 6,30 I was at Malpensa and after waiting for the check-in I’ve got a panic attack thinking I was the only one taking that flight. I waited my turn and as soon as it opened I dashed myself to the check-in (I felt like dexter because everything was like in the tv-show), and unexpectedly everything went fine. I decided to have my last Italian breakfast and after waiting 15min for an orange juice I went in line waiting for the first security check.
I went through everything and nothing beeped! First Hurrah for me!
When I got to the customs nobody asked me anything, I avoided asking any single question and with my passport stamped I went through the second security check! Second Hurrah for me!
After walking for 30min I don’t know how many miles, (thank god somebody invented carry-on bags) I arrived at my gate where I waited for about hour before boarding.
Without getting anybody attention I showed my boarding pass, they let me through and I went searching my seat on the plane.
Now, I don’t know if it is because I always flew with Ryanair, but it was the coolest plane I have ever been on!foto 1
On my seat, waiting for me there were a pillow, a blanket (because later it was like flying In a freezer) and earphones.
After preparing my bed I slept till 12, when I woke up smelling food.
It was comic because the difficulty level to eat that lunch was very high due to the fact that often we were shaken left and right.
The meal included:

  1. Risotto with zucchini, mushrooms, cheese sauce and chicken (everything was good except for the chicken that was pretty bad)
  2. A salad with cucumbers that I immediately trashed. However I had to abandon the rest of the salad too because I used a disgusting sauce to dress it.
  3. Bread for the salad. It was good
  4. Butter, don’t ask me why! I would have had it for bfast in a sandwich with jelly!

foto 2To end, while I was tasting my lunch, my neighbor ingurgitated his in 5min (like he hasn’t eaten in a month) and when it was at the dessert, he bit a mouthful that immediately spitted back on the plate. My only thought was: omg what there could possibly be inside? The truth is that it was a simple apples strudel and I liked it! Bah!

For the rest of the travel I played Sudoku, bejeweld and I tried to watch “the lego movie”. Tried because I probably fell asleep 6 times (who knows me, knows that making me watch a movie when I’m tired is a lost cause). Every now and then I was rewinding it and starting again from where I fell asleep. I don’t know if I seemed more crazy than my neighbor because I could have given the impression I watched the same movie 6 times, or him that probably watched the entire catalog, because he started when we took off and had to stop once landed otherwise he would have gone back to Italy.

Around 17.00 we got a snack-box that was including a bunch of fatty and grease things:

  1. Package of chips
  2. Sandwich with turkey and cheese
  3. Mini chocolate dessert

In general I was very happy with my snacks because I didn’t eat much at lunch at I was starving. 10487224_317677225054510_4714615095365273404_nMy neighbor after properly checking with disgust the contents of the snack-box, decided to eat everything, this time without spitting anything back in the plate.
When we were about to land I watched the second part of Rio and filled in a form for the customs.
Once landed (they don’t have the trumpets playing when you arrive safe and sound) without any headache or earache like it was always happening with Ryanair, I collected my stuff and I arrived at the first security check where I gave my papers, they took my digital prints and third hurrah for me! Passed with no problems!
I went getting my luggage that was still wrapped and in once piece and I went through the last security check. Forth and last hurrah for me!

After waiting for about an hour, the AuPairCare representative arrived and 3 other girls and I jumped on a shuttle (cold as fuck) that should have brought us to the hotel.
I say should have because our driver was awful. We drove 40 min on the highways, he was cutting off everybody and didn’t know where to go! He didn’t even know the address of the hotel until an au pair told him and decided it was time to set the gps. Doing it before, no?

In the end I arrived and after AuPairCare’s introduction I dropped my luggages in my room where I discovered that the bathroom was flooded and the toiled was clogged. So I had to call the reception to have it fixed.
Later I met my roommate, toured the hotel and then I had dinner with another girl.

This was my very long day, so sorry for the long article and possible mistakes!

Your, finally in the states, au pair

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