He who finds a friend, finds a treasure

-6… Now my departure is getting very close and I cannot leave without having organized my farewell party to say goodbye to all (or most)of my friends! Sunday 14th there was my party and I am very happy about it because we were a lot (the ones who stood up are going to catch up during the week XD), the place was nice and the food was delicious! After dinner we went in a pub where we played some board games, we had some drinks and we watched the world cup! With this post I want to say another time bye to some important people.byeee
Gabry: My best travel buddy and the best supporter of this adventure, as well as my personal informatic consultant.

Giada: my pappa, buddy of adventures/disadventures. We went through the mills and thank you for what you have done to making me feeling better. I have to thank you if I raised and decided to wake up and live my dream.

MC MERDA’s guys: The worst working place that a person could imagine, but I have to thank you all if I resisted for two years and i found so many amazing friends. You made me feel a special person, you made me believe in myself, you were so supportive and I will never forget all the laughters, the discoveries, the evil plans etc…
Erika: my fashion stylist and business scoop lover.
Pata, Ale, Davide Gianfy, Giusi, Giulia, Mustafa, Cristian and TAZ: the best colleagues in the whole world.
Luca, Dennis, Flavio, Alberto and Niko: my amazing interns, nobody else will be like you, and in the end, “taking care” of you made me feel, a little bit, like a mom XD
Flavia: my “teacher”, without her I wouldn’t be where I am now

Cry: a dear NBP with a passion in common…. Max.

Bruno, Erika, Roma, Gabriele and Erica: I am so happy that I met you one year ago and that I spent with you a very alternative year!

Fabio and Diego: two new friends that I found during an adventure for me “in the dark”! 🙂

In conclusion, I wanna say bye to Mapu’s SAA friends, it was a pleasure meeting you and going to some parties together (thank you so much for your gift:))

And in general all the CRI‘s guys, for all the social services we have done together and the beautiful evenings of the past, starting from Bellia, Marco, Fabio, Stock, ecc

I will leave you all (mentioned and not) with this video that I hope you like and beh I will miss you all a lot! <3

p.s. Mapu I am coooooming!!

Your Au Pair

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