13 things to NOT forget to do before leaving

In this list we are going to summarize 13 things that you don’t have to forget to do before leaving:reminder

  1. Buy all the medicines you need and ask the doctor for all the prescriptions: in our case, birth control pill, contact lenses, gutron (for Susa’s low blood pressure), antihistamines and aspirin
  2. Cancel the phone contract: in fact if you don’t do it you have to keep paying for it
  3. Check when your iphone warranty is going to expire and consider to extend it
  4. Change euros in dollars: they told us at least 250 USD to be safe the first days, but we also considered using the credit card
  5. Ask the Red-Cross suspension: we have to write a letter in which we declare that we can’t be operative for a year, if you are part of other associations is better to let them know.
  6. Organize a party to hang out with your friends one last time
  7. Prepare all the documents and make a copy of all of them: passport, ID card, VISA, international driving license, health insurance, DS 2019 form, Immigration letter, bank statement
  8. Ask the bank if our bank account or our parents’ one can make WIRE transfers to the States
  9. Print the Pre-Departure Project
  10. Buy an adaptor/transformer
  11. Perform a backup of your computer (in case you don’t have a laptop) on an external HD to carry with you
  12. Weight the luggage and check the customs website to make sure you can carry everything with you (especially in case of welcome gifts)
  13. Cancel your car insurance

Mapu & Susa

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