Memorial Day

Today is May’s last Monday and it is also the day in which America celebrates the soldiers who died in wars..

Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day to remember the soldiers whom died serving for the United States of America. Origins are not clear because many cities claim to be the place where the celebration was born, but despite exact place and date, it is a day in which everybody wants to honor those fell in battle.
On the first “Decoration”, like it was called at the beginning, general James Garfield made a speech in Arlington’s National Cemetery and there were about 5000 people who decorated the 20.000 tombs of the soldiers buried there.

The first State to officially recognize the Memorial Day was New York in 1873, the other federal states recognized it in 1890, while the South refused to recognized until after WWW I.


According to the tradition, at the White House, the flag of the United States of America should be raised up high in the morning and then brought at half-mast until noon.
For the rest of the day it is carried by hand from the staff. The half-mast position remember more than a million men and women who gave their life to serve the Country and at noon their memory is raised by living people

Other traditions include, visiting monuments dedicated to the fallen, cemeteries, wearing red poppies and attend parades.

Susa couldn’t celebrate because still in Italy and Mapu is not going to do anything because the family has other plans.. but she is very happy because all the stores have big sales and she hopes to buy something at a low price!

Susa & Mapu

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