Do you need the medical prescription?

Something that we all know is that the American health system works differently than ours.
There are in fact different “rules” to purchase some products and prices can be very different, influencing our budget plan.
We would like to give you some advices on products we collected information for:

To buy contacts in the USA you can’t simply go to the optician and ask for the lenses we need, you need a medical prescription (that you have to ask the doctor in your home country) and, unlike in Italy, they are really expensive! To avoid this big expense you can get a provision before leaving (and in case youfoto 2 (1) ran out, you can ask a parent to send you some other) or you can go on this website.They have many brands, different kinds of lenses, prices are more convenient and they ship within 8 days. You don’t need the doctor prescription, but you need to know graduation and diameter. To know these parameters, you can simply take a package you already have at home and find them on a side.

Unfortunately nowadays many people are allergic to pollens and since Susa is one of them, she searched how to get the antihistamines she needs, because they expire within a year (so she can’t bring too many packages from home) and we don’t know if and how pollens affect us in another country..foto 1 (1)
In America antihistamines don’t need the prescription and don’t have any subsidy/exemption even if we have a medical certificate that proves our medical condition.
Susa asked her hosts (both doctors) if the antihistaminic she takes can be found in the city and if it is affordable. They immediately told her that it is hard to find and suggested her one very similar: Clarityn and 300 pills are 30$. So she went to doctor and ask for a prescription so that she could try it before leaving.

Many girls take the birth control pill and don’t wanna stop it. In the USA, it can be purchased only with the white prescription (like in Italy ), but anyway it is still very expensive. We suggest you to buy a provision from home, but don’t forget to carry the prescription with you because it could be asked at the customs.CONTRACCEZIONE Alternatively you can buy it in the States. If you buy it as “birth control” the insurance doesn’t refund it, but if you buy it for problems related to your period or stomachache it should be. To get a refund, the doctor has to send to the insurance all the documents that state your health situation. For the visit you can search the nearest “plan parenthood”, the prices are very low and sometimes they even do it for free.

Susa & Mapu

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