The Relationship with my Host Family

It has been 4 months since I matched with my host family and today I wanna tell you how we kept in touch during this long period.

Some days after the match we Skyped one more time. My host dad sent me some links with info about the city I’m going to live in and for the rest of the call I talked with Sam whom showed me the playroom and then brought me in his room where “we played”.
Later on, my host parents added me on Facebook, and I have to say that right now I’m happy they did it because even if we don’t text every day, we are in touch. Time to time they comment or like some pic or status I post, while I can see how things are going with them, how the kids are, and I do the same.
Once every couple of weeks I text via skype with my host dad, that tells me how they are doing and how is the weather (that because it was -20° and it was snowing a lot). Usually I say that I can’t wait to be there and I tell them some stories about my red cross life and work.Having them friends on fb made me understand many things. Often when we were texting, or they were commenting some status, after my reply they were not saying anymore. I always thought I might have said something offensive, but looking at their Facebook profiles I realized that they are like this even with their friends, so maybe “being cold” on socials is normal and I felt better.comm
Except for what now I can call the routine, to keep the contacts alive I shipped them:

This last month, they also wrote me to let me know that at the end of August we are going to the beach for one week and I was very happy they wanted to share it with me. Moreover they sent me the address of the house so that I could check it out (from maps it seems very different from Italians’shores, but I’ll let you know!). I’m very happy because I have never seen the ocean and now it is about two years I don’t go to the beach, so I miss it a little!!

On Easter ‘s day we skyped again, the kids showed me their loot and we exchanged wishes. It was quite a confusing call and I had a hard time stay on track, but they were really nice and also showed me how good they are at playing piano!

I think I told you everything! I’m very happy about my host family and how step after step the relationship is growing. 6 months are really long I was afraid because I didn’t know how it would have been. foto 1
Now only 1.5 months are left and everything is going amazingly! They are really nice people, including their current au pair, whom every now and then I text with and answers all the million questions I have for her.
They helped me every time I had something to ask (for example about antihistaminic, something that might seem silly, but fundamental for me) and talking with them is good for me, not only because I learn new things, but also because with my introverted character, having a basic relationship before arriving can surely help me adjusting at best.

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