Finally my flight!

On April 30th, even my flight was, finally, booked!!! My airline will be United Airlines.
I am actually really happy because it is exactly like I hoped it was, direct and leaves late in the morning!!foto

The fact that I have a direct flight, reassures me a lot, also because I am already concerned about the customs, I mean, I just get a little bit anxious when I think that there can be problems for all the stuff I have in my luggage and that I won’t be able to understand a single word of what they tell me.
So not having to worry about getting on, getting off, changing terminal etc, takes a weight off my mind.

A late departure is perfect for me because I love sleeping and it is hard to wake up at dawn. If I had to leave at 6,00, I would have set my alarm at 2,30 in the night, which means that I would have arrived in New York already tired. Moreover the night before leaving people don’t sleep due to the anxiety. Thanks to this time I can relax myself!!!

I can’t wait to leave!

Your Au Pair

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