Easter little gift

As you probably now all know 5 months had to pass before I could move to the States. I started job hunting and I promised myself that if I was going to find something I would have sent another package for Easter. Luckily things went that way. At the beginning of march I started working and a couple of weeks ago I went searching with mapu something for my kids.
The main idea was to find a book about Easter activities, but I found none, or if I did, they were in Italian. I would have loved shipping the original Italian Easter Egg, but unfortunately the American law doesn’t allow that (if you wanna know why you can read our post about the kinder surprise egg), so I went to two bookstores that have some English books and I bought:

  • For Sam two sticker-books. One in English about a horror story, and one in Italian with some coloring parts.
  • For Lily one sticker-book in Italian about fairies and one in English that tells the story of a Fairy whose name is Lily as well.book

Since the gift is for Easter, there has to be Chocolate, so I bought also some schoco bons and Kinder Bueno mini.
To complete the package I attached a letter in which I was explaining the reasons of this new gift and I wrote:

I wish you an happy Easter!!
I’ve decided to sent you what we usually eat for Easter, but due to the american law I can’t.lettera
So, I’ve tought to something a little bit different!
For my family Easter is just an occasion to eat choccolate (I like the white one 🙂 ), because we don’t celebrate the religious meaning.
Well, I hope you like everything. Let me know.
In particular the books, because it is very difficult to find here a good book for adult kids!
L. I hope you like the story
S. I know that you like create stories, so I hope you can imagine a wonderful story with your monsters.
p.s. I hope there aren’t to much mistakes

The reason I decided to send another gift, other than the wishes, is that since the luggage has a limited weight, I wanted to ship before the biggest and heaviest gift so I can have more space for my stuff. Hopefully I made the right choice!

As you can see I didn’t pick weird things and small gifts like this can be used as a thank you gift for choosing us as au pair or as a welcome gift for the day we arrive in the new family. (which is what Marty is going to do)

Your Au Pair

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