Kinder Surprise Egg

Yeah, that’s right, today we are going to talk about this wonderful sweet for kids! You should know that one of Mapu’s ideas was sending this amazing treat to her kids, but then she found out that Kinder Eggs are strictly prohibited in the USA due to a law that fobid to add inedible material inside foods.ferrero_kinder_sorpresa

The law isn’t recently introduced or designed to “protect children”, because the American law is actually very permissive with dangerous games, but it comes from food regulation, which dates back to 1938. However kids security is used very often to justify the prohibition.

The import in the United States of a single Kinder surprise, could cost you a fine of 300 dollars, other than the seizure of the object which will be destroyed by the authorities.

“During 2010 we had seizured 25thousand eggs in 1700 different occasions: except for some operations against illegal importers, most of the times they were found in citizens personal luggages or mail packages”.

This information comes from the Us Customs and Border Protection (Cbp).
The website of the customs office refers:

“Yes, it’s that time of the year again. The Easter Bunny is just around the corner! With the Easter season upon us, U.S. Customs and Border Protection would like to remind importers and the traveling public of a product popular this time of the year which is banned from import into the United States.“

kinderThe purpose of this prohibition is first of all, connected to the fear that the surprise eggs’ content could be swallowed by the kids and they could choke. Now… everything is fine… but Mapu’s poor kids will stay without surprise eggs!
The morality is: americans have a lot of rules, but before leave or send a package, be informed to avoid any kind of problems!

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