Happy Birthday


Ehy no, today is nobody’s birthday, but maybe before your arrival could happen that one member of your host family turns older.

In this case we might want to send a small gift, but we don’t always have enough money  to pay for a shipping.
So what is nice and particular instead the classic email in which you write: Ehi, Happy Birthday?

In our case both Susa’s host mom and dad and all mapu’s host family had their birthday before our arrival. So we decided to wish them happy birthday in these ways:foto

Susa: for the dad she wrote a card with the wishes on it, then she took a picture with her and the card, and then she sent him an email with the classic text: Hi!! I wish you’ll have a good day and why not, a lot of presents:).Happy Birthday!!
For the mom she decided to sent her this interactive ecard

Mapu for her kids searched on internet a funny video and chose this one.
For the dad she sent a video based on his lands of origin (italians). You can see it here.
Mapu’s mom birthday will be in the next weeks and now she is searching a nice card to ship to surprise her.

And you, how did you wish happy birthday to your host family?
Leave us a comment with all your original ideas!

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