Photos e Video for the Application

Hello future au pairs,
as you might have noticed we didn’t go down into the details about the fields you have to fill in in your AuPairRoom for two reasons: we started this blog once the process was already completed and not all the agencies have the same application process.
AuPairCare requires to update some pictures (at least 10) and a video, so we decided to tell you what our thoughts were , especially because some au pairs that follow our blog usually ask us for advices.
For the photos, we both decided for some pics of us together with kids or our friends, plus some solo pics. Many (especially the ones with kids) are old, but the agency accepts them as long as it is clear that you are in the photo.For the solo ones, we uploaded very basic pics in which you could see our faces or maybe related to the kids world, for example us with a carriage, or a giant pink pony. To see some examples you can like our Facebook page and see Susa’s pics that uploaded just for you (you can find them here). Mapu decided for personal reasons to not share them.

For the video we had millions of doubts. AuPairCare requires a 2, maximum 3 minutes long video and on the suggestions is written to talk about ourselves, why we decided to participate in this program and maybe talk about special needs we have (a diet or the place we rather live). We would like to remind you that au pair CAN’T choose the place she wanna live, because is the family that contacts the au pair and not vice-versa, but if you have a preference you can say it in the video or write it in the presentation letter.

Once all of this is clear, there are thousands of ways to make a video, depending on the girl’s personality and informatics skills. To record our videos we used the iphone’s camera (Susa) and the webcam’s program already installed in the laptop (Mapu). Many au pair decided to upload a video with both pictures and a talk, but Susa and Mapu decided to only record a talk. Even tho the type of video was the same the final result was very different:

first of all I thought what I wanted to communicate with this video and then I prepared an outline. For me it was fundamental to be original because I feel like families would have been not much attracted by the written profile but more by this few minutes of video. Therefore I decided to introduce myself with three objects:
1) I showed a picture of my graduation with my parents and I pic with my best friends to make them understand how much family and friends are important to me
2) Objects coming for the art world like a necklace bought at Casa Battlo in Barcelona
3) A tomato (and who knows me, knows that nothing represent me better) that symbolizes the Mediterranean diet. I don’t care about food as much as Susa, also because I like junk food, but I only thought that my idea of junk food is equivalent to their idea of healthy diet, and that the basis for comparison are different so I wanted to underline the concept.

I hate recording videos, they upset me because I think that a good video needs some editing, and when you record different scenes you have to be able to put them together so that the video flows and is not like a bad collage. Well I’m not able to edit. Imagine that I lost my patience because I had to cut few seconds at the beginning and few at the end, plus rotating it.
So all my ideas (showing parts of my city, my garden, my dog etc) I left them on the side and I decided to do just a talk.
In the video I decided to summarize what my presentation letter was, I prepared the draft, I corrected some mistakes and then I studied it by heart.
During the recording I put the draft papers next the camera, so in case I of forgetting a piece I could have read .
I can assure you it wasn’t easy at all, in fact I recorded it at least 10 times, because there was always something I didn’t like. Basically I did it only because it was mandatory.

You can find our videos here and here

Remember that no matter how you record your video, it is important that you are yourselves! Don’t record a basic video because you think people can like it, but on the other side don’t exaggerate if don’t feel good doing it. The best thing is showing what you truly are, because only in this way you can find the right family

Mapu & Susa

p.s. We want to remind you that the video has to be in English… we are very ashamed of our pronunciation, but don’t think about it and just do it!

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