Pre-departure fears

Today we want to discuss the anxieties and fears an au pair can have. It is normal to be afraid because we are going to the adventure in a foreign country, but it is important to not let the paranoias stop us, get over the first months and everything will be alright. Remember that in case of unsolvable problems, you can always ask for the rematch. It happened to many au pairs and with a new family you can still have a wonderful experience.
Below we are going to write our anxieties because we have the same ones and once on site we will update the blog to let you know if they had a reason to be true of they were just unfounded fears. Family:afraid

  • It is not the right family
  • Don’t get along with the Host Family
  • Don’t get along with the kids
  • Don’t feel part of the family
  • Don’t have any relationship with the Host Parents


  • Can’t decide what to eat
  • Have different habits
  • Don’t have fresh products or not the ones we are used to
  • American flavors are completing different from ours and we can’t find anything we like


  • Adjust to the time zone
  • Adjust to the new schedule
  • Adjust to the new city/town/village
  • Adjust to new climates
  • Adjust to distances (America is not meant to be covered by feet and even in small towns you need to take the car)
  • Not being able to drive the host family’s car
  • Have a car accident with the host family’s car


  • Miss friends and family
  • Not being able to find trustworthy friends and being part of a group
  • Not being able to properly communicate (problems with the language, especially during the first weeks)
  • Have problems to go through the customs
  • Have packed the wrong things
  • Have forgotten something essential
  • Don’t find the products we use daily (from the shampoo to the drugs)decide-that-you-want-it-more-than-you-are-afraid-of-it-20130304799

First weeks:

  • Not knowing what the kids like (games, food, cartoons)
  • Not knowing their habits
  • Not knowing the area
  • Have no support
  • Get lost in the big American streets without GPS

Do you have our same anxieties? Leave a comment below!

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