Rematch, a word both Au Pair and Host family fear… but what is it?
The literal meaning is “meet again” and as you can imagine, it concerns the relationship with au pair and family. In fact both family and au pair can ask for a change in case of unsolvable problems.

The family might not be able to pay the au pair anymore, maybe due to a layoff or even they don’t get along with the girl (run, messy, don’t get along with the kids…). Same thing for the au pair, she might not feel comfortable because they family is not flexible enough, education methods are very different and so on. In cases like these, they both ask help to the local coordinator to evaluate the rematch reasons..keep-calm-and-wait-for-the-rematch
At first the coordinator (LCC) counsels both parties with a ”Three-point meeting” to discuss all problems and arrive to a common solution on how to proceed. This could simply be a meeting to talk about the situation, or a meeting to discuss the reassignment. In many cases, problems can be solved, but if that doesn’t happen then REMATCH.From that moment the au pair is on the market again and has 2 weeks to find a family otherwise is forced to go back home.
Essential rules:

  • The end date of the program doesn’t change, so the amount of time the au pair is going to spend with the new family is related to how much time was already spent in the USA, unless the au pair decides to extend.
  • In a year there are 10 days of paid vacations and if the au pair didn’t use them yet, can do it in the new family.
  • Same thing for the countribution of 500$ for the credits.
  • During the transition the au pair will still be working and the host family has to pay her.
  • However if the host family decides to not make her work she will get no income.
  • Au pairs are responsible for potential phone bills on hold, but also for any other stuff that are due to the family: Au pair and family have to take care of these problems before the au pair leaves.

rematchAn au pair can ask as many times as she wants for a rematch (there is no limit), but beware that even tho many au pairs found the perfect host family thank to the rematch, many others didn’t, so ask for it only if there are real problems with the kids or the family!!
Moreover some agencies, like AuPairCare, in case of multiple rematches, charge a fee that reduces the au pair salary. This clause exists to discourage au pairs asking for a rematch without first trying to solve problems, but immediately searching for an easy way out.

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