We decided to write this post because we realized that many people don’t get why we wanted to become au pair and the most asked questions are:

  • You have a bachelor degree (referring to Mapu) why are you going to waste your time instead of job hunting?
  • Why did you decided to take a sabbatical year?
  • Why as au pair?
  • Why do you go there for a low income?
  • Why, know that you have a job (referring to Susa), if they would decide to hire you, you would rather decline and leave?

There are millions of reasons on why somebody wants to become an au pair and they are all personal and cannot be criticized. Some people do it because they just got out of high school and don’t know yet if they want to go to college or not, some others want a radical change in their lives, but there are also many other reasons.
In our case, we both job hunted and since we found nothing (or we found something that doesn’t guarantee us a future) we decided to change life and reinventing ourselves.


You have to keep in mind that it is NOT a sabbatical or a fun year. An au pair works 35/45 hours per week (like a normal full time job) sometimes even on Saturday, it is legally paid and has to pay the taxes like normal American citizens. You don’t get paid very much (195$ per week), but according to the fact that food and rent are paid it is a honest salary that allows you to afford a decent life. You don’t become an au pair to get rich, neither to have 12 months’ vacation paid, so before saying “yes, I wanna do it”, make sure to evaluate pros and cons.

We wanted to become au pair not only to get over the challenges this job brings us and get ready for our future lives (living away from the family, living alone, being able to deal with any inconvenience, living with strangers…), but also to enhance our English, that nowadays is requested almost as a native level by any single company, and get more competitive in the world of work.

To become au pairs we had and we keep investing our savings and because of the crisis, unless you are rich, it is better to be sure about the decision in order to not waste money.

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