Shipping a package to the USA

Once matched, there were a lots of months before the departure date, so to thank the families for having chosen us and show them how much we were happy to become their au pairs, we decided to ship one package with some small gifts.

But we had a big question: How much does shipping a package in America cost?
We searched on google and we found only a lot of expensive couriers’ website in which they were asking at least 100€. Our face was like: o.O are you kidding?

We kept searching and then we found out that the cheapest way to send a package is through “Poste Italiane”, which is the Italian post service.
Probably in your country the post service is chaper than the courier too. Our suggestion is to go to the post office and ask what their policy and prices are. We used one international registred mail and the maximum weight is 2kg, also base + high + deep should be MAX 90cm!

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Mapu’s package

Now you have all the answers you need, but what can you ship? We chose some products from our region plus some toys for the kids. In particular:
Susa: Sidewalk Chalks, Torcetti and Cri Cri
Mapu: Sidewalk Chalks, a coloring book with corn colour (I know it is particular), two bottles of soap bubbles, a pop-up book with the italian beauties, 2 tronky, a pack of Giandujotti, a bar of dark-orange choccolate, breadsticks with choccolate, cricri, one mini panettone and one mini pandoro.


Susa’s package

Technically you can ship whatever you want, because the post office’s employee told us that since, is a registred mail, you don’t have to declare what there is inside.
We suggest you, in anycase, to check on internet because there are some products that you cannot ship and there is the possibility that your package will be stopped at the custom. (es kinder eggs, french cheese… but on this issue we are going to write another post)

Another thing, that not everybody knows, is that packages are shipped only if outside there is no brand or marks. If you are using a “recycled” package make sure to cover it with ducktape, or wrapp it with brown paper that you can easly buy in any stationary store.
After filling your form, the post office is going to weigh your package and you will pay accordingly to the weight. We spent respectively 29€ and 25€.

Since the shipping day, you need almost two weeks to have your package delieverd, but if during this period you are curious to know where is it, you can ask your post office how to see the tracking on the web. When the package leaves your country, you can go on the american mail website, and follow the shipment by writing your registred mail code under the voice “track”foto (1)

If you are in italy and you wanna know more on how to ship a package in USA you can read the italian article “SPEDIRE UN PACCO IN USA

Yours au Pairs
Susa & Mapu

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