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Today I’m going to tell you my “match” story!!Big-Match

My profile got approved the 26th of November and for about two weeks nobody contacted me. One day, my representative called me because some time has passed since my profile got approved and told me that maybe nobody contacted me because almost all the preferences’ dots about the family were red. That meant that my choices were too strict. She asked me if I wanted to change some of them, and after thinking about it I changed religion and single father. The dot for “different religion” was red because I decided that I didn’t want to stay with a family practicing in a very severe way (es Ramadan) but I thought that maybe family could have understood that like I don’t wanna be part of a religious family at all. I decided to change that in green and in case, explain during an interview that I just don’t wanna be forced to be part of their religious habits. About the single father, my original preference was to stay in a family with both parents, but then I thought that usually single fathers are always kind, less severe, more willing to do activities with the kids, they spoil them more and since a female figure is missing in the family we could have get along. That’s not always the case, but since I have lot of friends with separated parents I happened to see situations like this.
After changing the dots, in few days I got an email from the first family interested in my profile. As you can see the new dots made a miracle! Every time a family shows interest in your profile you will get an email titled: Important Notice from AuPairCare.



I was so happy I called Mapu and another friend to tell them: OMG I’ve got a family, I’ve got a family I’m so happy! When they asked me how they were I answer: I don’t know. I’m too scared to check it out.
After a while I got brave, I logged into my Au Pair Room and I found out that they were from California. I was a little bit disappointed since I wanted a family from the east coast. I mean, I like California, it is always warm, but I rather be on the east coast. I read the profile, it was nice but nothing special. Looking at the picture I saw that the kids were gorgeous. The boy was 6 and the two twins (a boy and a girl) were 3.
In the mean time I emailed V.  to ask her if I had to email them of if they were supposed to email me first. She told me that usually the family send the first email.
Three days after they haven’t contacted me yet, so I logged into my Au Pair Room and I find out that they moved in my past interviews. I assumed they matched with another family and V. confirmed me that.

After this episode I got a little bit sad because I thought that once a family picks you, they always give you the chance to have an interview with them. Well it doesn’t work like that.

This family sent me immediately an email to introduced themselves. They had a girl, 6, and two twins (a boy and a girl), 3.  Their profile wasn’t anything special. I mean, they didn’t write any details and the pictures saddened me a little because they weren’t reflecting my idea of healthy lifestyle, which was one of my priorities. What I liked was that they were both teachers and I could have learnt a lot from them.
I told them I was happy they chose me, I introduced myself and I wrote more in the details what I thought we could have in common.
They asked me to skype and we agreed for Saturday at 18.00, same skype_logo-580x367 day and time as mapu, so we could have exchanged opinions right after.  The day of the interview they sent me an email and added me on Skype one hour before, but I didn’t know about that, so I went showering. Somehow I happened to read their email and we anticipated the interview by half an hour.
In the interview they introduced themselves, they showed me the kids, they told me they had already a nanny that would have done a one week crossover with the new au pair and that they wanted somebody willing to start in February ASAP. They asked me if it was ok for me to stay home all day with the kids (I got a little bit worried because at 3 they are still very little), what my main duties would have been, and if I had any questions or thing I wanted to know. I told them about my food needs and if it was a problem I eat fruits and veggies regularly. They only said that they eat everything and they go to McDonald once a month. After they showed me a small part of the house by moving the camera and we ended the interview with them asking me if my parents were ok with me leaving and if they had any questions for them (I wasn’t ready for that question because my parents are not ok with it, so I only answered that they think I’m old enough to make my own decisions and that they don’t speak English). I greeted and told them, that in case of a second interview I would have not being available until next weekend, because I was about to leave for Poland and I would have had email access, but not the possibility to Skype.
At the end of Skype I sent an email to thank for the opportunity, that it was nice meeting them and that I was sorry if my English wasn’t perfect. They answer by telling me to write them if I have questions and to have fun in Poland.

When mapu ended her interview we shared opinions and I told her that I wasn’t very happy, like she also said, I didn’t have the feeling you probably have when you find the perfect wedding dress. That probably ment that they were not the right family or the feeling wasn’t that one. The day after and the one after that I kept wishing that they were not going to ask me to match with them because I would have felt bad to refuse. In the meantime they moved to “past interviews” and never contacted me again.. Not too bad after all.

During our trip in Poland Marty got contacted by two other families in two days. Nobody contacted me anymore. After the initial delusion and this disappointing interview I felt really sad and discouraged. I thought the problem was my profile, that I was the problem and nobody was ever going to match with me, especially because my parents kept telling me that nobody would have wanted to pick me. My initial enthusiasm started to change into “even if a family contacted me I have no hopes”. Something I started to do was checking on the website the competition to see by how much the number of au pairs was changing and trying to understand if only few lucky were picked or if I still had chances.

The first thing I liked about them was that the dad was a gastroenterology and the mom a family physician. Their profile was pretty accurate, but concise. They shortly described what the kids like and there were many things I liked too. Both kids were going to school and that meant I wouldn’t have to stay with them all day. That made me feel more comfortable and also they were the perfect age for me. 8yo the boy ad 5yo the girl. They also described their town, that like I wanted, was on the east coast. I couldn’t see any pics because there were problems.
When they emailed me I was really happy because I thought they sent me a beautiful personalized email with all the most important things for me and they immediately asked me to skype.
I tried to write the best reply with lots of details, grammatically correct and very captivating saying that I was very happy to Skype and if they could have send me some pics, because I was curious.
I’ve received tons of pictures and we scheduled skype for the following day (again same day as Mapu). The day of the interview I was a little bit anxious because I had a good feeling about them. It started with the whole family introducing themselves, then the kids left and they told me about their daily routine, that they eat lots of fuits and veggies and rarely meat, and their current au pair duties. While talking with the parents the kids were so sweet and made two drawings for me. They also told me about their vacations and honestly I understood nothing, except the word vacation. However they needed somebody from june (it wasn’t matching perfectly my plans) but they started searching now because, what I understood, is that in the past they had some rematch problems. They asked me some basic questions like why do I want to become an au pair, to tell something about myself and after we talked about their town, the house they are building, that I would have had my own car and lots of free time. The interview ended with a sort of we’ll let you know. After I sent an email to thank them, that I was happy I got to meet them and the kids were cool.

At the end of the interview I told mapu I was really happy and I had a completing different feeling from the first family. That I liked them a lot and I wished we were going to have a second Skype.

In the two following days they didn’t email me anymore, but in my Au Pair Room they were still in current interview. Every day I was checking my email about 4/5 times per day hoping to get one from them. Their au pair added me on Skype so I wrote her that I would have liked to talk to her, if she could tell me more about the vacation because I wasn’t sure I understood everything and to give me some tips that helped her adjusting. She was super nice and wrote me a very detailed email. So when the following day the family wrote me that they liked me and wanted to skype again also with their au pair, I was super happy! We scheduled the interview for a working day at midnight (Italian time). I said yes because I didn’t want to lose the chance and I knew they were at work before so it was not a problem for me. In the meantime her current au pair told me about her experience and how they were in touch before she arrived there. The second interview was so much more relaxing than the first one. I met their au pair, I was joking with the boy that was sending me emoticons and the girl made a drawing of me. They showed me their dinner on a cooking book telling me that they were almost vegetarian and if that was a problem (Clearly it wasn’t. it was exactly what I wanted) and if arriving in June was a problem (I decided it wasn’t because they were amazing). They also told me other things about them including that they don’t smoke, things I forgot to ask, but for me is very important because I can’t stay with smokers. The second interview lasted less also because they had to go eat. We greeted and they told me that during dinner they were going to talk about me all together.

 The night I barely slept, maybe 4 hours, because I was too anxious and I kept wishing pick me, please pick me, pick me. In the morning there was an email from them. My heart was beating so fast, I opened the email and…

Susanna,family match symbol
A, LS and I talked about things in great detail — even asking the kids about who we thought was our best choice for an au pair.
We ALL felt that you are the best choice.
We would LOVE for you to be our next au pair.

I think you will fit in well with our family, and I think that we will also be able to meet your needs as well.
If you would like to come be a part of our family, please let us know, and we’ll request a match with you.

We’re very excited!

Of course I accepted, I told them I was very happy and to go ahead with the match. There I understood that the feeling is not exactly the same as finding the perfect bridal gown, but in any case like immense joy! Even with the departure date they were super nice because they asked me if I wanted to go one month before or just two weeks to have the crossover with their current au pair.
Since I know how much is stressful to have lots of people at home I decided to arrive two weeks before which was also the date they were preferring.
Meanwhile I sent V. an email telling her that I matched and she was going to get an email soon. For the rest the family was going to tell AuPairCare the arrival date and the agency prepared all the documents I had to sing electronically. Once signed, the match was over.

I still couldn’t believe it, they chose me..

While I was in touch with my third family, they contacted me for an interview. At that time I didn’t know yet, if my third family was the right one or vice versa, so I read their profile.
It was a couple that just got married with two twins (a boy and a girl) of 5 years old. The kids were super cute. Honestly, except for the pictures, I don’t remember anything because my mind was already somewhere else.
Anyway, I emailed them that their profile was interesting, the kids looked adorable and I would have been happy to skype with them ( I didn’t want to refuse since I wasn’t sure to match yet).
They proposed me to have a phone call instead of skyping, which I found odd, but I accepted anyway. Luckily I matched with the family I wanted so bad, so I wrote them to say I was very sorry, but I had to cancel the call because I already matched and I wished them good luck with their search. I guess they appreciated my email because they thanked me and wished me good luck as well.

p.s. Unlike Mapu my family was always in current interview
p.p.s Io used my iphone to skype because somehow my computer was restarting itself for no reason while skyping.

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