Rematch story: a volte non è colpa tua

Rematch stories are never easy.. sometimes it’s the au pair fault but sometimes not.. Today we want to show you the story of a “not very lucky” girl:

“There are SO MANY reasons why girls or/and host families go into rematch. I agree that sometimes some girls go into rematch for almost “nothing” but if there is something that bothers them, then they totally should go into rematch. It is their year and they want to make the best out of it.
I went into rematch for a few reasons. My first host family was divorced and I was living with the host dad and the 3 kids. He is a doctor.
I skyped with the previous Au Pair (which was very easy going since we both spoke German) and I asked her TONS of questions. Everything that came to my mind.
Little did I know that she was lying from A to Z. About EVERYTHING.peanut_butter_jelly430x300-380x265
The first shock came directly when I first entered the house. It was not only incredibly messy but it was also VERY VERY dirty. And by dirty I mean stuff like: I couldn’t walk through the living room, I couldn’t use pans or any other stuff in the kitchen because it was filthy, in EVERY rest room nobody was flushing down (yes, I had to throw up right away) and the most incredible thing: My hd was lying about the kids. I asked of course if they have any kind of allergies and so on….
So my 3rd day over there, the little one (6 years) asked me for a Peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Now guess who has a severe allergy to peanuts????
I seriously had the shock of my life. Of course I knew what to do cause I learned it but something like that could have been avoided. Best part, when I called him (since he is a doctor and besides that I was just so furious that he didn’t tell me!) the only thing that I got to hear was “is she okay now? Good. It’s okay. She is alive” You gotta be kidding me. Of course that was something I couldn’t deal with.
There were waaaay more reasons. The 10 years old kid used to smash everything and hit people (including me). The little girl was still wearing DIAPERS (not only during the night but also during the day!!). Those are things that I didn’t know.
When I asked him WHY he didn’t tell me what was really going on, he started to yell at me and telling me that I just can’t handle 3 kids. (which was obviously not true). So I went into rematch after 5 days and when my LCC told him (she didn’t believe me in the first place but thats another story) he got super mad. Took the phone away, GPS and told me that he doesn’t care how the heck I am going to get to the airport.
Sad part: I talked to alot of people from the Agency in the US and the partners in Germany. NOBODY stopped this guy to have other Au Pairs. I was lucky to find my 2 host family but the 2 Au Pairs that got there after me, they left and went back to their home countries. (I found out because the older kid was so smart to give the girls my email address to contact me)

So at the end of the day…you see, there are alot of reasons why girls go into rematch.

MAPU: what a terrible story!! why did the last au pair not tell you the truth??? and why your hd didn’t tell you about allergies?? it is very dangerous!! i’m afraid because I skyped with my hf and i sent them some emails but I hear lots of “strange” story!! I don’t understand why host families don’t tell the.truth.. and I can’t know if my new family will be a good family, and I don’t know if the last au pair told me right things!

well…I don’t know. I sadly can’t give you an answer to this. rematch
After 5 days (it was the first meeting with the other Au Pairs) they were actually really shocked when they heard that I was replacing the German girl. Why? Because she used to wine and cry about her family in front of the girls from the cluster and they all encouraged her to go into rematch but she apparently couldn’t because it was her THIRD family. Later I also found out that she got paid MORE every week to CLEAN THE HOUSE. “Smart” as she was, she took the money and the house was still not cleaned.
Right after I got there and checked the situation, I contacted her. She didn’t had the guts to talk to me on skype because I told her that was really upset and I couldn’t believe how she could do that to me. Nothing helped.
Still to this day, only god knows what the heck I would tell her if I could meet her.

But don’t be scared and don’t go into all this with negatives thoughts. Fact is: You’ll never know. They can be the nicest people over skype. Tell you everything they want but in the end you have to see and experience all this yourself.
Just a little advice: At the orientation you will meet so many Au Pairs. Stay in touch with them. You’ll never know. If you end up in rematch, they could easily help you. I found a really good friend at the orientation and she was the one that helped me to find my new fab. family.

SUSA: Thanks a lot for your stories. I’m so sad that your previusly au pair didn’t tell you the truth! i can’t believe why she did this! I worked in an horrible place and I helped all the girl to run away because i know how horrible was for a girl! I don’t know why someone lie.
In any case this scare me a little bit because i wasn’t very luck during my work experiences. All told me, that they choose me because I’m to good and do all my best and they want only to profit and treat me without respect. So i’m a little bit scared to find another family how want only profit. I speak a lot with them and also with their au pair. I’m sure about my decision i love them and the kids too, but i don’t want that this is only an illusion, so i like to listen your stories because if something will be wrong maybe it’s not me that i did a wrong choice!communication

Thank god there are still girls like you Susanna. I wished someone (in this case the previous Au Pair) would have done the same.
But like you, after leaving the family I took it as “it is my job now to warn other Au Pairs”.

Trust your instinct. Yes I did the same and it didn’t went the way I imagined it would…but as you can read, it was not my fault. If you feel that this is THE right family, then go for it. If there is a problem, try to communicate more and to work things out but in the end, if you do end up in rematch, it is not everytime the Au Pairs fault.


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