What is the most difficult thing? Familiarize

We interviewed an anonymous au pair who is living in the States since February 2013.

“Hi, where are you from and how old are you?”
I’m from Mexico and I’m 22 years.

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“Can you tell us some about your experience?”
Sure, about my story ? Well.. I came to NY on feb 18 I was the second Aupair which was a little bit hard in the beginning, because the girls thought the first one was going to stay forever, so in the beginning they didn’t like me even they were 3 years old it was a little tricky but after 3 months everything went very well , my family is just the best family ever I’m a lucky girl to be with them, i couldn’t be happier.

Being an Aupair was the best experience of my life and know that I’m leaving is so sad I want my girls with me but I’m very happy at the same time to be with my family!
One of the best things was that the first Aupair came to visit us and we became in such a good friends! So for me was very excited to meet all kind of people and exchange cultures!!!

“Are you still there?”
I’m leaving in 2 weeks and I have like mixed feelings! I know this had to happen but is just hard because I want my girls but Im very happy to go back too!!

“How have you managed problems?”
What kind of problems ?

“I don’t know, for example with the girls at the beginnin? Have you ever had problems with host parents?”
Oh I got it !

“and what happened? what did you do?”
Well with the girls was tricky ! You need to set your rules and start making them to follow them you will know how,every kid is different so sometimes I use treats for example “If you eat all your lunch you will get desert.” Or “If you don’t stop throwing a fit you won’t have a show on TV”
That kind of things ! You only need to give them choices that they can pick is hard in the beginning because you don’t know them but after that it is very easy

“alright! and with host parents?”
Well I have the best family haha I have never had problems with them. I mean if I have questions or something about money about vacations or something I just told them ! I think if you have good communication with them it’s fine !

“oh you are very lucky .could you give and advice for next aupairs?”

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 Yes I really am !!!! I know a lot of stories not good , but that’s why I’m very greatful with everything.
Every experience is different just pick the family that you really feel is gonna be the good one for you, and If it’s not don’t worry ! Keep trying with another one! Being an Aupair is such a good experience in all ways ! Just tell your family your feelings and everything if you have a good relation and communication with them you I’ll be fine !!

“Last question: did your english improve? How good(or bad) is your english when you arrived there?”
Omg hahaha I came with a really bad English I could understand the idea but I couldn’t talk just “hi ,my name is …“ I want…” Haha I think I really improved my English a lot !!! now I can have a long conversation and I understand pretty well. I’m better writing than talking to be honest but yes I’m proud of myself haha

“Thank you very much!”

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